Cloud Security training plan

The main challenges on the journey to the cloud are not technical, one of the most important challenges is training.

It is a key success factor that your analysts know about the infrastructure they need to protect.

AWS Skills Builder - Security Learning Plan

A series of on-demand video trainings oriented towards learning the basics of security in AWS: Skills Builder Security Learning Plan

Ramp Up Guide

There are many training resources available in the Ramp-Up Guide .

Formal education

The Architecting on AWS course will help you understand the infrastructure you need to protect, and the Security Engineering on AWS course is an excellent resource to gain a theoretical and practical foundation. Both courses are 3 days long and are available in multiple languages.

Security Learning Path


To gain hands-on experience, there are numerous security workshops on AWS at and in


The AWS Certified Security Specialty certification will help you validate that your team has the knowledge required to perform their role, or to show your peers that you managed to acquire that knowledge.

To study for the certification, there are many resources, including this book, where you will find the theory, practical exercises, tips and sample test questions to evaluate your knowledge, and identify areas of improvement: AWS Certified Security Study Guide: Specialty (SCS-C01) Exam


I also invite you to visit the Webinars section where you can see deeper videos on different AWS Cloud Security topics.

Security Awareness Training

Finally, beside the cloud security training, ensure that ALL employees in your company go thru a Security Awareness Training periodically to ensure that they are aware of how adversaries operate, and not to disclose any sensitive information, or doing insecure tasks like sharing passwords or using unsecure communications channels.

Amazon provides it’s own Cybersecurity Awareness training for FREE, and it’s available in multiple languages.
It’s available without branding so you can download the course and include it into your Learning Management System.