It's a journey: progressively improve in security matters

The process to improve your security posture in AWS is an evolutionary path.

1.- Quick Wins

As we said, on the previous page, Quick Wins are the first thing to focus on, controls that you could implement in an organization within a maximum of one or two weeks, and will significantly improve your security standpoint.

2.- Foundational

Then there are the controls and recommendations that can take a bit more effort to implement, but are very important, the Foundations.

3.- Efficient

In a third stage there are some controls and recommendations that allow us to manage security in an efficient way.

4.- Optimized

And finally there are those controls and recommendations that allow you to optimize in a continuous improvement cycle the security posture every day. It will be characterized by security controls that are often seen in more mature organizations, in terms of security, or large organizations with very demanding requirements.